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Two Jay's Iowa Corn Whiskey ABD order # 27318
Our Whiskey is distilled at least twice to ensure that we only have the "best of the best." We sample each batch and carefuly pull out only the purest cuts. We then run them through the still again. This is what helps give our products a very smooth taste. To be classified as Corn Whiskey, it has to be made of at least 80% corn. Our current recipe uses 100% corn purchased locally.
Two Jay's Iowa Grape Grappa ABD order # 53920
Grappa is a full flavored drink distilled from the leftover pulp, seeds & stems from several local wineries as well as our own Frontenac grapes. Grappa can be sipped as an after dinner drink, mixed with your favrite wine to make a port wine(by the glass), mix a little in a cup of coffee or as a cooking ingredient.

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